Pepper Poppers

Newbold’s Knock-Down Reactive Pepper Popper Targets are sold fully assembled or separately as replacement parts for your existing Pepper Popper assembly. When hit this popper target reacts and falls over backwards. It stays down until you reset it manually so that you can accurately register the hit, especially in high speed competition or training scenarios. Newbold offers a 42" and a 22" Pepper Popper Target with either a wood or high tech ElastiMAX™ Base for the 22” Popper.

Bullets pass through the Popper Target, Pivot Base and string spool because they are made of ElastiMAX™, our tough, self-sealing polymer. To mount a Popper Target on its Pivot Base you simply snap it into place. The Pivot Base is attached to the Wood Base (or to the ElastiMAX Base) with (5) long wood screws or with (4) ElastiMAX™ Nuts & Bolts. The 42” Newbold Pepper Poppers weigh approximately 12 pounds fully assembled and are easy to set up and transport when necessary.

22" Pepper Popper Pivot Base
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